Varsity Lettering Policy

  1. Be a member in good standing on the team and the student body.
  2. May not have any chemical violations.
  3. May not have school suspensions, detentions or conduct issues through school admin.
  4.  May not have any unexcused absences from practice not cleared by a parent.
  5.  Participate in at least 25% of varsity game quarters.
  6. An injury to a player that would have earned the enough varsity quarters will be at the coaches’ discretion.
  7. Seniors that have been a member of the team, in good standing, for at least two seasons may earn a letter without playing in 25% of the varsity game quarters.
  8. Players may also earn a varsity letter based on the discretion of the coaching staff for effort or game impact when the quarter total is less than 25%.
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